Five Vegan Brunch Options For Your Next Menu

Brunch is big business--but how can you make it as inclusive as possible? It may be primarily associated with eggs and bacon, but that doesn't mean you can't add a few vegan brunch options so delicious that everyone will want a piece of the action! Read on for some popular, delicious and widely-loved brunch and breakfast options that every cafe should consider adding to their repertoire.

  1. High-Protein Porridge Bowl: Porridge oats are absolutely packed with delicious protein, making them a fantastic way for people of all dietary choices, preferences and requirements to start the day. One of the major benefits is that porridge made with certified gluten-free oats and plant milk is pretty much undiscernible from porridge made with cheaper oats and dairy milk, so making this an inclusive option is trivial! Never leave your porridge unadorned, though: fresh and dried fruits, mixed chopped nuts, sweet spices such as cinnamon, peanut butter, maple syrup...the sky's the limit, and with a little work you can present your porridge bowl in a manner worthy of any health food blogger.

  2. Full Vegan English: There's a reason that the British greasy spoon is considered one of the world's top spots for breakfast: there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned fry-up, especially if it's "the morning after the night before"! These breakfasts are often associated with lots of meat, but they're just as delicious without it. Bubble and squeak, hash browns, baked beans, vegan-friendly sausages, falafel, grilled tomatoes, soy bacon substitute, potato cakes, fried mushrooms, tofu scramble, fried bread slices, toast and jam or marmalade, crumpets...the sky's the limit for this traditional English breakfast. All you need is a large enough place!

  3. Dirty Breakfast Bun: Why should meat sausages get all the fun? A vegan borger or a couple of vegan sausages can taste every bit as incredible if you embrace the 'dirty food' craze for a weekend morning treat! Add ketchup, mustard, brown sauce, fried onions, tofu scramble, cheese substitutes...anything you fancy that you think will make for a satisfyingly unhealthy experience. Serve with bubble and squeak or hash browns to really make it a brunch to remember!

  4. Avocado & Sourdough: Beloved of hipsters everywhere, this recently much-maligned breakfast option is actually so ridiculously delicious that it's a great shame to give it a miss. Top rich, tangy sourdough bread with a prime, ripe mashed avocado and add salt, pepper and a generous sprinkle of nutritional yeast flakes (available from most health food stores—sounds disgusting but tastes incredible) is all anyone needs to get their day off to an incredible start.

  5. Super Decadent Superfruit Salad: Who says fruit salad has to be the well-behaved and more virtuous option? Pick your favourite fruits and peel and chop them carefully before topping with a generous dollop of soya cream and a splash of beautifully tart prosecco or cava in place of the more traditional apple juice. Bliss!