Three tips for choosing a restaurant for a first date

If you have invited someone you like out for a meal, and now need to choose a restaurant for the two of you to dine in, here are three tips which should help you to find the perfect place for your date.

Opt for a cuisine which is liked by most people

Many people who want to impress someone they are going on a first date with choose to book restaurants that serve unusual dishes. In most cases, they do this in the hope that it will make them appear interesting or sophisticated.

However, unless your date has already expressed a preference for adventurous types of foods, it is generally best to stick to a venue that serves universally-liked cuisine, such as a Chinese restaurant, for example.

If you select a high-end place that offers unusual delicacies that a lot of people might be wary of (such as, for instance, duck liver mousse or escargot soup), your evening together could be spoiled by your date not enjoying their meal.

Conversely, if you book a table at a Chinese restaurant that serves a selection of delicious food that the vast majority of people would like, there is a much better chance of you and your date having a wonderful evening together.

Check the restaurant's prices online before you book

Unless you intend to pay for your date's meal as well as your own, you should check a restaurant's prices online prior to booking a table at that particular establishment.

Lots of people choose to 'go Dutch' (i.e. split the cost) when going to a restaurant on a date; if you and your dinner companion decide to do this, it could be awkward if the restaurant you have chosen is out of their price range.

As such, to ensure that you do not unintentionally make your date feel uncomfortable by making them pay for a meal they cannot really afford, you should select a restaurant which is quite budget friendly.

Ask them about their dietary issues or preferences

Before booking a table at a specific restaurant, you should ask your date if they have any dietary issues or preferences which you will need to take into account before choosing a venue for your meal.

If for example, they suffer from coeliac disease, you will need to find a restaurant that offers a decent number of gluten-free dishes. Similarly, if they are lactose intolerant, the restaurant you book will need to provide at least a few dairy-free options.

Additionally, make sure to ask them if they are vegetarian or vegan, as taking someone who doesn't eat meat to, for instance, a steakhouse or a restaurant that specialises in chicken dishes, could be disastrous.