Tips for Planning a Dinner Party at a Restaurant

Dinner has always been one of the most common ways for Australians to enjoy social gatherings, share ideas, and get a taste of the latest cuisine. It follows that many people plan dinner parties to host friends and family for many different occasions.

Hosting a dinner party at a nearby restaurant is a convenient and cost-effective option for you to bring your group together and share a meal. Many restaurants are willing and ready to host dinner parties if they're notified in good time. Most restaurants will also be willing to make accommodations for menu items, dietary restrictions and sitting arrangements.

There are several important factors to consider when planning a dinner party at a restaurant. Follow these considerations to ensure your next diner event runs smoothly.

Start planning early

Dinner parties can involve many different factors. You need to find the right restaurant, invite the right people, design the space to suit your needs and make sure your guests will love the menu. Therefore, planning early is important.

Think about what you want to achieve and plan out specific steps for making the dinner party a success. Ask friends or family to help you plan, if necessary.

Keep your options open

Take your time to research several restaurants in your area. Compare prices, menu items, availability and the level of service. Some restaurants may be more familiar with planning dinner parties than others.

Call the various locations that you are considering and ask them what options they have for hosting dinner parties.

Be friendly with the staff

Knowing some of the staff members on a personal level can help make planning much easier. Once you've identified a restaurant you want to use, visit the place several times and engage in conversations with the staff. Get to know them and how they treat their customers. You can also take this opportunity to speak to a manager about your proposed dinner party idea.

Focus on the details

Now is the time to work out any details regarding the event. If you will need to bring in a cake or any other outside food to the dinner party, consult with the manager to make sure this will be acceptable.

Decorate the space

To make you and your guests comfortable during the dinner party, ask the manager if you can slightly decorate/personalise the space. Simple items such as balloons, seating arrangements, centre pieces and napkins can truly transform the area from just another restaurant into a personalised and welcoming dinner party.