Are Fresh Ingredients Mandatory For Authentic Italian Pizza?

Considering how popular pizza is in Australia, you may be deliberating on opening up your own mini pizzeria to cash in on the profits. Since pizza also seems simple to make, you may be under the impression that all you need is a commercial oven and you are ready to start your business. The reality is much more demanding than that, however.

There is a lot that goes into creating authentic Italian pizza, from having a brick oven, learning the best cooking techniques, to picking out the right ingredients. Some restaurant owners make the mistake of assuming all store bought ingredients will suffice when making an Italian pizza but this is a gross misunderstanding. Read on for convincing reasons why fresh ingredients are mandatory for authentic Italian pizza.

Exquisite flavour

Although pizza is delicious when cooked the right way, the ingredients you choose go a long way in ensuring that you are making delectable food. When you select preserved ingredients for your pizza restaurant, you end up altering the flavour of the pizza. And although preserved and canned ingredients do have a long shelf life, compromising the taste of your pizzas means you will not reaching the maximum potential of profits, as people will not have your restaurant as their favourite pizzeria. If you want to make the most of your Italian pizza, ensure that you exclusively use fresh ingredients that are locally sourced to retain the authentic flavour of the pizza.

Healthy alternative

Although some people view pizza as fast food, it does not mean that it should be unhealthy. Some restaurant owners will gravitate toward preserved ingredients since it means they do not have to restock their kitchen routinely. But these long-lasting ingredients have most of their nutrients stripped away. So even while the vegetables and frozen meat will function as proper toppings, your customers will not be gaining any nutritional value from your pizzas. Fresh ingredients are chockfull of the vitamins, antioxidants and other compounds vital to healthy living. Therefore, when you choose these for your Italian pizza, you ensure that it remains a healthy, authentic meal.

Cultural tradition

If you want to tout your pizza as authentically Italian, then you need to make sure all your ingredients are fresh. In Italian culture, the ingredients used for their pizza were from the local harvest, which means they mainly comprised of seasonal foods. Moreover, since the pizza culture has been around for centuries, it means this food was not initially made from processed or preserved ingredients.