Three Tips to Help You Make the Best Hot Pot Soup

Hot pot soup is probably one of the most popular Asian dishes in Australia. The truth is that there are many regional variations of this dish in Asia. Each type is set apart by the type of meat used. These varieties might not exist locally, but the flavour and beauty of the Australian version is still something to look forward to, especially when sharing the dish with friends. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant that serves hot pot soup, or you want to make it part of your menu, it is important to know the components which make it perfect. 

Choosing the Meat

The soul of every hot pot soup is the meat used in making it. First, you will need to decide whether you want to make a seafood pot or other meats. For instance, one of the most popular hot soup varieties is made with shrimp, oysters and squid. These are cooked with an assortment of herbs and spices including jujubes, goji berries and other assorted herbs. The other options for hot pot meats include lamb. Either option is great, as long as the preparation is handled correctly.

The Preparation Method

The most important bit about dealing with hot pot soup is getting the preparation method right. There are countless recipes which will give you different flavours of the soup. The most important thing is to stick to the ingredients called for by the recipe and also to follow the cooking procedure recommended by the recipe. Different restaurants do have their own signature additions which make their hot pot soup unique in its own way, so there is room to play with ingredients and make something sensational.

Serving the Soup

How the hot pot soup is served is what determines how well the diners will receive it. If you are ordering the soup from a restaurant, ask for either lamb or seafood hot pot. You can also ask for vegetables and potatoes as an accompaniment. Hot pot soup is best served and eaten with a group of friends. 

A lot of local restaurants serve hot pot soup in this country. If you are not sure about recreating the meal at home, you can always ask for a recommendation of restaurants which serve the best broth. Take time and sample what is available before deciding on the favourite spot to take your friends and family for a meal.