Three Tips to Help You Make the Best Hot Pot Soup

Hot pot soup is probably one of the most popular Asian dishes in Australia. The truth is that there are many regional variations of this dish in Asia. Each type is set apart by the type of meat used. These varieties might not exist locally, but the flavour and beauty of the Australian version is still something to look forward to, especially when sharing the dish with friends. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant that serves hot pot soup, or you want to make it part of your menu, it is important to know the components which make it perfect. Read More 

Korean Fusion Cuisine: Want to Try Some Army Stew?

Some types of fusion cuisine can remind you of Frankenstein's Monster, bizarre mashups of various unrelated favourites to create something that's little more than a dining novelty. Sushi pizza anyone? No? Fusion cuisine can be born from genuine culinary creativity, a chef's instinct that some types of seemingly disparate styles can exist in delicious harmony. Fusion cuisine can also have its origins in necessity, which is the case when it comes to Budae-jjigae, a popular type of Korean food. Read More