Self-Employed and Stuck? Head Down to Your Local Cafe

Are you one of the increasing number of Australians who choose to work for themselves and have a significant say in their future? If so, you may be used to working from home and are so glad that you don't have to battle with traffic on your daily commute anymore. Yet if you're not careful, this type of occupation can be very lonely, and you may find that you lose inspiration or have no direction any more. All is not lost, however, and you don't need to retreat to a '9 to 5' again, so long as you step out of your routine. How can you change?


If you're lucky, you'll have a great cafe close by which could be your sanctuary, in more ways than one. Far from being a distraction due to noisy, latte-sipping neighbours, a cafe can provide the right amount of inspiration at just the right time.


At the very least, your new surroundings will represent a nice break from your traditional home office. Some people may not even have an office at home and rely on the corner of their kitchen table, and if this is the case, the cafe can be an even better option.


When you choose this type of environment, it's not even going to feel like you're at work, as you're effectively taking a break from what you are used to. Even though there are people around you, they're less likely to interrupt you than your roommate, who doesn't understand your need for privacy.


Of course, if you like coffee, then there is an unlimited supply at your fingertips, and if you need to get the creative juices flowing, just order another cup from the friendly staff.


Sometimes, when you are cooped away in your own property, you lack external triggers, and this can severely hamper your ability to perform. When you're in a more open and vibrant setting, however, you will receive so many unexpected inputs that can give you important perspective or sow the seed of a new idea. All it may take is a certain song on the radio or a snippet of conversation in the background.

Changing the Guard

Remember, when you are self-employed and in charge of your destiny, then you need to chase your inspiration and avoid the temptation to fall into a rut. When you go to your local cafe, old patterns will be interrupted and new ones initiated.